It's time to feel alive again and...
Pursue Your Life With Health By Building Habits That Heal and Revitalize!
Enroll in the most valuable revitalizing health program on the market. Gain instant access to over 50+ video trainings covering everything from the fundamentals of healthy habits to the power of understanding and working in sync with our unique biological nature, so you can build the Life With Health that you deserve...even if you're just getting started.
"I haven't even finished the course... But in that first week taking action and changing my habits, I ended up regaining energy and learning more about my body than I thought I would ever know. I can really make a difference in my life and create the healthy life I always wanted but never thought I could have." 
Callum Davies
CEO of Illuminate Digital
President Vincente Fox and Bob Proctor with Aimee Tariq
I've Spent Over 6 Figures and Years of Countless Experimentation Until I Found the BEST Doctors and the BEST Information that Regained my Health. Now I Share This Life Saving Information With You.
What you're about to learn wasn't created overnight, and who you're about to learn from was NOT "miraculously healed" overnight by one magic antidote. (newsflash: those don't exist!!)

This program is the result of hundreds of hours of real education, experimentation, mistakes, wasted time, money, and energy. 
I created this program for you so you don't have to waste any time or money building your Life With Health (like I did).
If you're here that means you've held a vision, watched others succeed in creating a Life With Health, and you're ready to experience it for yourself. 
I know you are, because I was too...

And that's why I created A Life With Health - to show you that it's so, SO possible to build healthy habits that heal your body faster than you could ever imagine. Because as you know... you CAN regain power and control over your health and create the lifestyle you've always wanted and the life you deserve.

And since I take your health as seriously as mine, I made sure that when you step into this program, you step into my family. Not only will you gain access to all of the current and future content of this program, but you'll gain instant lifetime access to a private VIP support group with me and over 120+ other health-driven people just like you, so you'll never feel alone in your health journey. 

I'm here for you every step of the way, starting now.
- Aimee
Ready To Build Your Life With Health And Build Habits That Heal And Revitalize?
Before I tell you more about A Life With Health, let me ask you a few questions:
  • ​Do you feel constantly stressed, tired, or overworked? 
  • ​Do you feel like your mind is clouded, foggy, or not as fast as you would like it?
  • ​Does your skin regularly break out, or do you find yourself feeling itchy and like you just have to scratch?
  • ​ Do you catch every cold, flu, or illness, you come in contact with? 
  • ​Do you feel like you could have clearer skin, sleep better, be healthier, and be happier?
  • ​Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, or other illness that requires you to change your life and be more health focused?
  • ​ Are you tired of wasting money on expensive appointments and walk out feeling unheard? Are you tired of feeling undervalued, misunderstood, and like no one cares about your health struggles?
  • ​ Have you felt just plain stuck in your health journey - wanting to completely switch tracks and try something that will actually work?
  • ​Does it feel hard to have a social life or do you find yourself constantly cancelling and rescheduling because you don't feel well? Are you tired of planning your life around how you might feel, because you feel like you don't have control of your health?
  • ​Are you overweight? Has this affected your confidence, how you feel about yourself, or your ability to travel, do hobbies you enjoy, and live the life you deserve?
  • ​Do you feel sad about having to give up beloved hobbies and activities due to health restrictions? Has your health prevented you from trying new things, going to new places, and experiencing different life experiences? Such as hiking, swimming, bike riding, dancing, travel, playing with children and grandchildren, playing with pets, and living the life you deserve?
  • ​ Do you want to regain your health, and do what you love, and live life on your own terms instead of worrying about how to plan your life around your health limitations? 

  • ​Do you know lack of direction and clarity are part of what's holding you back from improving your health?
If you answered yes to 1 (or all!) of these questions then I have something exciting for you!
And I want you to know that I've been there too.
Let Me Tell You A Quick Story:
I remember it like it was yesterday...

I was a senior in high school, president of every club, a cheerleader, and already finished with all of my high school credits to graduate with honors. I had received over a million dollars in scholarships, had several free rides, and could get into any college I wanted. I never drank, I never did drugs, and I worked hard. On the outside, it seemed like my life was perfect. Until the night it happened.

One night, as I tried to fall asleep after a long day of school and work, I felt my heart beating hard and fast, so hard it was hurting my ribs. My whole chest was shaking. We finally called 911. It was my first-time riding in an ambulance, and unfortunately, it wasn’t my last.

                                                                                     For years I struggled. 

My heart rate stayed exponentially high and my body lost significant weight. I couldn’t brush my own teeth, brush my own hair, or even have a simple conversation. I witnessed first-hand how abled-people treat disabled people, the people who they think can’t fight back. I experienced the worst of humanity. I also experienced the best. Amongst the bad experiences, I also saw the angels and saints who bring love and healing with grace and kindness. I focused on the love. But…being in this limbo, not dead and not alive, was the worst, and the hardest thing I had to go through. Being in this limbo is many people’s everyday reality.

I watched myself lose muscle and weight while there was nothing I could do.

I watched myself go from a super star athlete, to someone who couldn’t even brush her own teeth. I watched as some people expressed happiness to see me so sick and withering away and I watched as they tried to take advantage of my weakness. There were times when I thought a quick death would’ve been much preferable to this agonizing, long, inferno. But I knew I had a deeper purpose, and that there was a reason I was experiencing this. I was going to make the most of my situation, even with my immobility. I don’t know how I kept fighting, but I did.

                                                                            Doctors didn’t know how to help me. 

They gave me many diagnoses, without cures or answers, and only lifelong medications with serious side effects with little to no results. “Some people are just sick. It’s just what happens.” I couldn’t accept that answer.

With this realization I had only one objective: to get healthy or die trying. I could let it break me, or I could let it form me into a better version of myself.

I began learning about health. It was like navigating my way through a minefield-- one mistake would lead to my cardiac arrest. I made everything in my life organic, wholesome, and toxin free. I bought the best water filter, organic mattress, and food. And with much work and dedication, I healed.

Later, I discovered I was a Celiac, and I finally had proof of my genetic mutation that most doctors I worked with tried to convince me didn’t exist: The MTHFR gene. I had all the symptoms, so I already knew, but it was such a powerful validation to see it on paper. Some of you may never get validation about your disease, illness, or genetic information, because there is still so much science hasn’t discovered. That shouldn’t deter you from uncovering how to heal yourself or from removing the toxins in your life.

My purpose is to tell the suffering undiagnosed that you aren’t crazy, even if no one believes you. What you’re going through is valid, no matter how dismissive and unempathetic the world can be. And finally, 

                                                                                This illness isn’t your fault. 

But it happened.

And it happened to you.

So now you have a choice: to give up, or to pursue healing. It’s now your responsibility to do whatever you can do to take the steps to get better. No one can do the healing for you. Only you and your body can heal yourself. And in case no one has told you; 

                                                                                    You deserve to heal. 

You deserve to be free from pain and illness. And only you can take those steps towards wellness. I wish I could take those steps for everyone, and for you, but I can’t. I can only point you in the right direction. I invite you to take those steps with me, together, as you continue this program.

This program will give you answers you were longing for, or answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. And most importantly, it’ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to embark on your journey towards A Life With Health.

Now before you read on, you need to know that this isn't another "Do what I did and you'll get results" course. It's neither a guru blueprint or a cookie-cutter course (both of which you've probably invested in before only to find yourself in the same place you started). 

What you're about to learn is proven scientific methods behind creating health - but I'm about to show you how to use them in ways that apply to YOU and YOUR unique lifestyle. No cookie-cutter solutions, because those don't work. The proven tools in this program will show you how you can be your authentic self 100% of the time, live in your truth, cook & eat meals that feel good to YOU, and grow your health at the same time. 

You also need to know that this isn't just another course where you get zero support. After investing in several courses and programs myself, I realized one of the biggest reasons students fail at getting results is because they have no safe space to get help or ask questions.

That's why I made sure A Life With Health was different. As a business owner and coach, I know making changes and stepping out of your comfort zone can feel scary at times, so I made sure A Life With Health students get unparalleled support through their entire journey in a VIP support group.

I also realized that most experts don't teach what they're actually doing - but instead create some mediocre, fluffy content and keep their real secrets hidden behind closed doors. Not in this course!
As a student of A Life With Health you'll gain access to all of the best-kept health secrets, scientifically proven health building habits, and over 50+ video lessons with actionable steps to follow, and a private support group where you'll get unconditional support from me and over 120+ other health-driven individuals on a similar journey to you so you'll always have a safe space to ask your questions and get answers.
Here's what you get when you enroll today.
$5,000 Value

Learn everything from the fundamentals of health to the power of healthy habits, so you can create the Life With Health you deserve.
$2,000 Value

Get your questions answered fast, at any time of day, and talk with other health-driven individuals who are on the same journey as you.
A Private Consultation
$500 Value

Hop on a Q+A with me to help you stay on track and get consistent results!

Take A Sneak Peak At What's Inside!
Module 1
Your Unique Health Foundation: All About You
  • How To Define Your Why: so you can remember the reasons you want to regain your health and see your health journey through even when times get tough.
  • The Truth Behind Your Dis-Ease: Myths vs Reality. What you think you know vs what the truth REALLY is. 
  • ​ Millions of People Have Reversed Their Dis-Ease so you can too.
  •  How to Navigate the Medical System so YOU can WIN. You deserve to be heard and valued. Stop feeling taken advantage of by the system and learn to make it benefit you. 
Module 2
Regaining Control of Your Health
  • Finding the BEST Professionals for your Unique Health Needs so you can feel understood on a deep, personal level. No more wasting time and money on appointments that leave you feeling stuck and unheard. You'll be properly supported through your health journey.
  • Stop Disease From Progressing so you can live the life you deserve.
  •  Reverse High Blood Pressure
  •  The Thyroid Solution
  •   Free yourself from Obesity
  •   Reverse Diabetes
  •  Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Module 3
Foods to Avoid

  • Sugar; How Much is TOO Much? You'd be surprised.
  • The TRUTH Behind The Word "Natural"so you won't be fooled into paying more for less.
  • REAL Food VS Food Like Substances Know what you put in your body and how it affects your whole body.
  • ​ The Hidden Ingredients Behind Added Flavors you'll never think of beavers the same way...
  • Good Vs Bad Fats, Oils, Omegas, and Salt
  •  The TRUTH Behind Gluten, Wheat, and Dairy 
  •  Fried and Fast Foods What they do to your body.
  •  GMOs and Pesticides What's the big deal?
  •  Summary and Review
Module 4
Create a Life With Health

  • What the Heck Do I Eat?! Don't be overwhelmed- You have infinite options.
  • Take Care of Your Mind. The mind-body connection matters.
  • Set Yourself Up For SUCCESS. Stock your pantry, kitchen, and life in a way that will propel you towards your health goals--not away from them. 
Callum Davies:
Student Of A Life With Health
"I come from a family where eating is one big enjoyment and we often share sweets over a cup of tea, or greasy potato chips. Aimee taught me how to navigate social situations and triggers that might have led me to eat processed goods that didn’t benefit my health. Her depth of knowledge is absolutely fantastic due to the hours and hours of research she’s done. She took my health to the next level from a nutritional, psychological and social standpoint. Thank you Aimee! "

"I was really starting to struggle in this new path I wanted to take. Luckily for me Aimee revealed her A Life With Health program."

"I keep seeing success stories inside the group, and I kid you not, the stuff that Aimee paces out for you, it is where that if you take action, like Aimee says, things are going to change drastically for you."

"I haven't even finished the course... But in that first week taking action, doing things like Aimee said, I ended up seeing drastic results and being able to have more energy and clarity. I took her advice to see a chiropractor and it literally saved my life-- because of her I found out I had scoliosis. She connected me with the best chiropractors in the country and now I'm able to stop my disease in its tracks."

"This course is worth it's weight in gold... You won't even need to get all the way through before you can make a big difference in your life."

Lifetime Access To A Private Support Group
  •  $2,000 Value
I take your health as seriously as mine, so I made sure that when you step into my program, you step into my family. Not only will you gain access to all of the current and future modules of the program, but you'll gain instant lifetime access to a private VIP support group with me and over 120+ other health-driven individuals just like you, so you will have a safe space to ask questions, get answers, and never feel alone in your journey. This is one of the most supportive programs you will ever become apart of, and I intentionally designed it that way because I know most courses out there throw you under the bus as soon as you get in.

That doesn't happen here!
A Complimentary 20 Minute Evaluation
  •  $500 Value

As a student of A Life With Health, you'll have your chance to get a complimentary evaluation so I can help you choose the programs best optimized to guide you towards your unique health goals.

My #1 Bestselling Book
I present an evidence-based approach to health, based on firm scientific findings. I dispel beliefs that “fad diets” are healthy or needed to obtain results. This book grounds the reader in the major tenets of natural lifestyle and covers important topics in health today, including how to cope with illness, prevention, healing, and the importance of choosing quality meals. Written in an easy-to-follow format, I offer simple solutions for affording a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it gives you:
– Concrete scientific evidence-based reasons to choose better meals
– Ancient secrets
– Eliminating toxins on a budget
– How emotions and thoughts affect physical health
5 MORE NEVER BEFORE SEEN Complimentary Books, Health Planners, Habit Trackers, Grocery List, AND a Certificate of Completion
  •  $1000 Value
Want to Create A Life With Health even faster and start living with ease? Let me you in on a little secret...

Sharing my story of healing was what inspired so many people to make the changes in their life so that they too could heal.

And now, after years of teaching thousands of health driven individuals how to connect with their bodies and Create a Life With Health, I decided to put it all into THIS PROGRAM so you can benefit from all of my health secrets and apply them to your own life.

And don't worry - if you're thinking "I don't know if I can do it... ", I'll show you how to crush that tiny little fear inside your head once and for all... and become the capable, brilliant, empowered, and HEALTHY individual I know you can be.

You will receive 5 MORE complimentary books;
15 Scientific Reasons to Choose Organic
22 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget
147 Deadly Sugar Effects
60+ Toxic Ingredients Lurking in your Food & Their Effects
Toxic Oils-- Which are Safe and Which are Deadly
A Health planner in your choice of color
Habit Trackers
A Grocery List
By finishing the program you earn a certificate of completion
And Start Growing Your Online Business Today!
Still Not Sure If A Life With Health Is For You? 
Let Me Make Sure We're On The Same Page.
This Course Is NOT For You If...
  • You're looking for a get-fit-quick scheme
  •  You're expecting results to happen without putting in the work and applying what you learn 
  •  You don't believe you're capable of creating a Life With Health
  •  You don't want to grow and achieve all that you're capable of achieving and unlock your true health potential
  •  You're comfortable with where you're at in your health and you don't want to create the health you deserve 
  •  You're planning to put this course on the shelf and complain in six months about still not hitting your goals 
  •  You want another cookie-cutter guru blueprint that says "Do exactly what I did and you'll get results" even though you understand you're a unique individual with unique health concerns. 
This Course IS For You If...
You're just starting your health journey or you've yet to reach the weight, energy, and health level you deserve. 
You want to regain your health, and do what you love, and live life on your own terms instead of worrying about how to plan your life around your health limitations.
You've taken other courses or hired coaches or tried to fit into the medical system who tried to teach you their "blueprint" or some cookie cutter method that worked for them - only to see no results. (newsflash: cookie-cutter methods don't work, and that's why this course isn't one!)
You want to learn real, proven scientific methods behind building a Life With Health that LASTS a lifetime, not just until the next wave of health trends
You're tired of wasting money on expensive appointments and walking out feeling unheard, undervalued, misunderstood, and like no one cares about your health struggles.
You're struggling with finding confidence with your weight, your skin, or your health abilities.
You already have a health vision that you want to reach and grow OR you're still struggling with how to reach goals that'll help you create the Life With Health you deserve.
You want to become THE expert in YOUR HEALTH.
You want to be able to do MORE of what you love, whether it's dancing, hiking, sports, or playing with your grandchildren and children without feeling tired.
You don't want to spend the rest of your life on medications with serious side effects that lower the standard of life you're able to achieve.
You want to regain your health, and do what you love, and live life on your own terms instead of worrying about how to plan your life around your health limitations.
If you read any of the above and answered "yes... that's me!", then this program is for you.

Bottom Line: if you take action and implement what I teach inside this program, you will get results!
But Don't Just Take My Word For It...
Check Out The Results My Students Are Getting!
Cyle Patnode
"If you stock your fridge with the food she explains you will see an improvement in your life. Aimee's course is absolutely incredible. She knows her stuff."
Jeff Aririguzo
"The organic meals I've eaten have tasted INCREDIBLE and Delicious. My mental clarity has never been at this level, I have so much more energy. Thank you so much Aimee!"
Bilal Choudhry
"Aimee is one of the smartest and also most helpful people I have ever met. She helped me heal through natural solutions and she has even helped me with my mindset and self worth. Thank you Aimee!" 
And Here's What They Think Of My Teaching Style...

Are you Sick and Tired of 
being Sick and Tired?
How many people are disconnected from their essence? Their bodies? And from their purpose?
How many people settle to simply stay alive, instead of innovating and designing a life that’s aligned with their purpose; a life they truly desire?
How many people pretend to be satisfied with a mediocre life, yet they’re secretly yearning for more?

Some people think that as long as they’re staying afloat, they’re doing just fine.  But you and I know better. That's not how we should spend our one precious life. 

I want to help you become that person you always dreamed about becoming. I want you to be that person your six year old self would be proud to be. I want to make sure those dreams don’t die. Not just to serve you, but for the people your dreams will serve. The universe needs your gifts and talents. And together, we can make sure you leave your footprint on this earth.

So really, what it comes down to, is for you to decide whether or not you’re ready to transform your life. Because the search is over. You’re already here. You’ve found your answer. It’s time to take that next step for you and the life you deserve to live.

I’ve helped hundreds of people all around the globe transform their lives in such a dramatic fashion they don’t even recognize their lives a year later. That could be you. All because you decided to take the right step.

Ready To Build Your Life With Health and 
Unlock Your Health Potential?

What you get as a student of A Life With Health:

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access To 6 Modules with 50+ Video Trainings Learn everything from the fundamentals of health to the power of healthy habits, so you can create the Life With Health you deserve. ($5,000 Value)
  •  Access To Bonus Training And All Future Modules Added (new modules are added regularly) ($997 value)
  •  Access to the Private VIP Support Group so you can get unlimited lifetime support throughout your entire journey, get your questions answered at any time, and get help from previous students that have gotten results. ($2000 Value)
  • BONUS #1: The A Life With Health Best Selling Book so you can be inspired, motivated, and learn how to create A Life With Health. The most straightforward guide on health you'll ever read. 
  •  BONUS #2: A Complimentary 20 Minute Evaluation As a student of A Life With Health, you'll have your chance to get a complimentary evaluation so I can help you choose the programs best optimized to guide you towards your unique health goals. ($500 Value)
  •  BONUS #3: 5 MORE Complimentary Books, A Health Planner, A Grocery List, AND a Certificate of Completion so you can learn how to implement a health strategy that WINS. This will be GOLDEN for you. ($1000 Value)
  •   Total Value: $9,497
  •  You Pay Today: Just $997
"I could've spent years trying to figure this out by myself. I now have crystal clarity. You follow their instructions and stuff starts to happen, it really is that straight-forward."
Cyle Patnode
CEO of Yola; Your Online Advisors
If you've made it this far, I know this program is for you... and so do you!
Ready To Build Your Life With Health and Unlock Your Health Potential?
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